19-Year-Old Finds Solace in Artwork

Prince Tom has found joy in painting. At 19 years, Tom is already living his dream. Tom found his true calling in being a creative painter and juggled his commitments with ease partly because he was passionate about managing his time. He said painting was a talent that had been in him from a tender age…

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Gifted artist sells paintings on pavement to make a living

Of the people that throng Islamabad’s Kohsar Market, a few stray towards the adjacent park, alongside which Muhammad Bilal displays his art. Bilal can be seen politely discussing his techniques, attempting to sell his art pieces. His smile and calm demeanor remain constant although he barely manages to sell his paintings and is just managing to…

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As America Grapples With the Collision of New Ideas and Old Traditions, Lan Zhenghui Brings New Meaning to “East-Meets-West” With His Art

To personally witness America’s confrontation of ideas, the Chinese artist strategically schedules his New York residency and U.S. lecture tour to create a new body of work in the U.S. during one of its most turbulent periods ever. NEW YORK, June 30, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — “I want a front-row seat to personally witness this historic confrontation…

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