29-year-old artist hopes to encourage mosaic art

A young artist sits putting pieces of marble together. He then places them together in a unique fashion to create a piece of artwork. The colours are vibrant and intricate designing with meticulously chalked out symmetry and style makes the product more than just another mosaic piece of art. The 29-year-old Muhammad Ahsan Zeb, a resident…

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big bird and abstract art

The Early Art (and Rebellion) of Alex Katz

Alex Katz, the legendary figurative artist, walks into an art gallery in Manhattan, wearing faded black jeans, a gray zip-up hoodie and, in a nod to the pops of color that made him famous, turquoise New Balance sneakers. Sunglasses sit on his bald, shiny head. With a slight hunch, he saunters over to a row of…

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Basquiat for kids: Caldecott winner Javaka Steptoe on ‘Radiant Child’

Twelve years ago, New York illustrator and author Javaka Steptoe went to the Brooklyn Museum to see an exhibition of Jean-Michel Basquiat’s art. As Steptoe marveled at the colorful, abstract and wonderfully childlike paintings, the seed of an idea started to sprout. I should make a children’s book about Basquiat, Steptoe thought. On the surface, Basquiat’s…

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Reflections of life, metascape and more

By Ica Wahbeh – May 01,2017 – Last updated at May 01,2017 The Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts is quite busy this spring. Three new exhibitions grace its halls, besides the permanent collection, and more is in store for art lovers who should not miss the chance of seeing works by “pioneering” Arab painters, photos…

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Struggling to please

In the wake of competition from Hong Kong and Shanghai, the 12-year-old Art Beijing fair seeks its own niche with affordable fine art, Lin Qi reports. Art Beijing, the capital city’s long-standing art fair, opened its preview day on Saturday, the hottest April day Beijing has experienced in 66 years. The annual fair that’s open at…

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vivid colours

Abstract art mixes local, Western styles

Wang Yancheng, 57, sees painting as a process of being in love with the canvas. The artist, who divides his time between Paris and Beijing, says painting is like falling in love with someone, and he feels like he is being integrated with the brush, paint and canvas. Wang’s abstract oil paintings feature masses of vivid…

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A Glimpse At How Creative People See The World

Many of us will admit to being dumbfounded when standing in front of a painting. We see shapes, patterns, and squiggly lines on a canvas, with little to no understanding of what it conveys. Others are able to easily create a narrative behind the artwork because they physically see the world differently than the rest of…

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retro paisley

Abstracting the savaged body of Emmett Till

In August 1955, a 14-year-old African American boy from Chicago, Emmett Till, was visiting relatives in small town Mississippi. He went to buy bubblegum at Bryant’s Grocery and Meat Market. While he was there, a white woman, Carolyn Bryant, a cashier, accused Emmett of whistling at her and making untoward physical and verbal advances. Three nights…

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lost meaning

Ryan Gander twists modernism with ‘softness’

Modernism was the most progressive movement in the society back in the late 19th century. However, decades have passed and the newness of modernism has faded. British conceptual artist Ryan Gander challenges the outdated idea of modernism and breathes new life into the movement with “softness” at “Soft Modernism” exhibit at Gallery Hyundai in Seoul. This…

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Huh’s retrospective showcases restless spirit

Huh Dong-hwa, director of the Museum of Korean Embroidery, believes Korean “bojagi” (traditional wrapping cloth) will someday be recognized as abstract art, just like Korean modern art pioneer Kim Whan-ki’s paintings. It is no coincidence that the 91-year-old collector and artist Huh is holding a solo exhibition at the Whanki Museum, which is dedicated to the…

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